PewDiePie ber om unnskyldning etter ordbruken

På mandag kunne vi skrive om hvordan Firewatch-skaperne reagerte etter at PewDiePie hadde brukt noen mindre pene ord under en PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds-stream. Dette skapte en del debatt om hvor stygt det ene ordet han brukte faktisk er, men svensken er tydeligvis ganske klar på det selv at man ikke bør si det.

Nå har han nemlig lagt ut følgende melding på Youtube. Jeg velger å ikke oversette for å unngå å feiltolke noen av uttalelsene hans:

"You probably won't believe me when I say this, but whenever I go online and I hear other players use the same kind of language that I did, I always find it extremely immature and stupid, and I hate how I now personally fed into that part of gaming as well. It was something that I said in the heat of the moment, I said the worst word that I could possibly think of and it just sort of slipped out. I'm not going to make any excuses to why it did because there are no excuses for it.

I'm disappointed in myself because it seems like I've learned nothing from all these past controversies, and it's not that I think I can say or do whatever I wanted and get away with it, that's not it at all, I'm just an idiot. But that doesn't make what I said or how I said it okay. It was not okay. I'm really sorry if I offended, hurt or disappointed anyone with all of this. Being in the position that I am, I should know better.

I know I can't keep messing up like this. I owe to my audience and to myself to do better than this, because I know I'm better than this. I really want to improve myself and better myself—not just for me, but for anyone that looks up to me or anyone that's influenced by me. And that's how I want to move forward away from this. That's all I have to say".